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Bespoke casement window for Listed buildings & Conservation Areas


When it comes to modifying or improving your home, things can become a lot more complex if you live in one of the UK’s beautiful listed buildings. There are numerous rules and conditions that must be met, in order to have changes approved by a conservation officer.

Replacing or upgrading the windows of a graded building has the potential to be problematic, if the requirements of conservation legislation cannot be met.

Hampton’s range of luxury timber conservation casement windows are specifically designed for these sort of heritage projects. With over 35 years of working on sensitive projects in conservation areas and on listed properties, our range of hardwood casement windows are designed to reflect the traditional construction of these historic buildings.

A typical example of a common problem with conservation projects is that conservation officers tend to prefer individually glazed panes of glass to be used in the replacements, if this is how the original window is currently installed on your property.

This is because at the time the listed building was built, glass manufacturers couldn’t possibly create a single piece of glass large enough for some of the windows so they will have used multiple sheets and glazing bars.

Therefore, the conservation officer may require you to have the replacement casement windows in your listed property use glazing bars and multiple sheets of glass to keep the buildings historical character.

Hampton’s unique patent pending glazing system, FineGlaze, mean’s we can construct your wooden casement windows using a glazing bar as thin as 22mm, meaning that you can meet the conservation officer’s requirements but also maximise on the surface area of glass allowing more natural light to flow through the window not to mention it looks a lot classier than the larger, thicker glazing bars of old.

Hampton’s range of wooden conservation & heritage casement windows are made individually and specifically to your projects requirements as every conservation case is judged on its own merits. This level of focus means, not only will your project have the highest chance of getting approval but you can rest assured that your windows will be of the highest quality that Hampton’s has become renowned for delivering.

Timber Casement Windows for Conservation projects


  • Unique FineGlaze patent pending® glazing bar design.
  • Conservation Officer approved glazing bar design, on previous prestigious heritage projects.
  • Single pane and double glazed options.
  • Engineered and solid Sapele Mahogany or Accoya.
  • Can be manufactured to individual requirements.

Glazing Options:

Single Glazing

Our exclusive range of Single Glazed conservation Casement windows are ideal for most conservation projects……more info

Double Glazing

If your listed project has been giving permission to use double glazing then our bespoke conservation casement windows with double class perform next to none….More Info

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